Air Ambulances UK

Air Ambulances UK (AAUK) is the national charity supporting the lifesaving work of the UK’s air ambulance charities, enabling them to save even more lives every day.

Air ambulance crews bring the Emergency Department to patients who have suffered a life threatening or life changing trauma or medical emergency; providing advanced critical care to save lives.

On average an air ambulance can reach someone in urgent need within 16 minutes. Anyone, anywhere in the UK can become a patient at any time. Air ambulance charities are collectively dispatched to over 126 lifesaving missions each day across the UK; each mission is funded almost entirely by the generosity of local communities.

AAUK raises national funds to invest in the air ambulance community and acts as the voice on issues of national significance. Our vision is that together we will ensure the best possible chance of survival and patient outcome for everyone in need of lifesaving pre-hospital care.

We do this by supporting and championing the invaluable work of the air ambulance community at a national level.

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  • To inspire national engagement and support

    We will inspire commitment to the sector through raising funds, generating support and increasing national awareness of our cause.

  • To advance patient care

    We will support and champion research and good practice in the sector by the delivery of projects and sharing of learning to improve patient outcomes.

  • To be a collective voice

    We will become the trusted, national collective voice of the sector among central government, peer organisations, media and the public.

  • To maximise sector impact

    We will deliver funding which enables air ambulance charity development and become the leading central hub of mutual information exchange, support and advice for the community.

  • To achieve organisational excellence

    We will achieve the highest standards of governance and compliance, ensure financial sustainability and will nurture our team, as well as demonstrate our impact.



Our Members

We are very proud to be working with our Members and Fundraising Partners to help air ambulance charities save even more lives.

Fundraising Partners Present and Past