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Thank you to everyone who took part in Air Ambulance Week this year! Your support helped to raise vital awareness and funds for the lifesaving work of air ambulance charities across the UK.

Air Ambulance Week 2021 took place from 6th to 12th September, with air ambulance charities from across the UK coming together to deliver the vital message that Every Second Counts and Every Penny Matters when saving the lives of people with a sudden life-threatening injury or medical emergency.

The week raised lots of awareness of how air ambulance charities rapidly deliver advanced lifesaving pre-hospital care directly to the side of patients like four-year-old Cillian who was knocked down by a motorcyclist; essentially bringing the A&E department to the patient when every second counts towards survival.

“I remember Cillian being in the coma in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and begging him just to wake up and it wouldn’t matter what we had to face just as long as we could cuddle him one more time and because of Air Ambulance Northern Ireland we have the chance to do that every day.”

Every air ambulance charity lifesaving mission is almost entirely funded by donations, and so every penny matters.

Thank you to all those who supported Air Ambulance Week, helping to ensure that air ambulance charities can save even more lives every day across the UK.

Air Ambulance Northern Ireland: A lifesaving mission to four-year-old Cillian

Cillian was knocked down by a motorcyclist and suffered a brain injury incurring several bleeds on the brain, a blood clot as well as a fractured skull and femur.  A lifesaving mission from Air Ambulance Northern Ireland delivering pre-hospital critical care interventions helped to save his life.

Our Every Second Counts Prize Draw has now closed, and the winner will be announced soon!

We partnered with Rotary in Great and Ireland and Raffolux, the online raffle company, to launch our Every Second Counts  prize draw which closed on Sunday 12th September 2021. The winner will be announced soon.

Thank you to everyone who entered. The funds raised will help air ambulance charities right across the UK to make even more lifesaving missions to people with a sudden life-threatening injury or medical emergency like Madi who was just two-and-a-half years old when she was critically injured after being kicked in the face by a passing horse last year on a walk with her family in Surrey.

Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) flew to the scene and rapidly delivered lifesaving pre-hospital care to Madi.

Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex: A lifesaving mission to Madi

Madi’s mum Jen:

“I don’t remember at what point the air ambulance landed, but I remember feeling a huge sense of relief that Madi was in the best hands. The crew spent about 20 minutes on scene assessing Madi’s injuries and deciding what immediate care she needed. Then they moved Madi and her daddy to the helicopter and flew them to St George’s, arriving 12 minutes later.

KSS provide lifesaving specialist critical care at the roadside and have saved thousands of lives like Madi’s. They were there for me and my family at a time when we so urgently needed help, and for that we’ll be forever thankful.”

Every Second Counts

A life-threatening injury or medical emergency can happen to anyone of any age, anywhere and at anytime.

When it happens, every second counts and rapidly receiving advanced lifesaving pre-hospital care at the scene within minutes, can provide the best possible chance of survival and improve patient outcomes.

Air ambulance charities across the UK are among the world leaders in the provision of pre-hospital care.

The advanced training of their specialist Critical Care Team doctors and paramedics, and the more advanced drugs and equipment that they carry, mean that they are capable of performing  hospital-level interventions on patients at the scene of the emergency, providing vital support to NHS land ambulance crews when treating the most seriously ill and injured patients.

During Air Ambulance Week, air ambulance charities across the UK collectively made around 500 lifesaving missions to people who never woke up thinking the worst was going to happen. Your support means that they can continue to be there when the worst does happen; saving lives and keeping families together every day across the UK

East Anglian Air Ambulance: A lifesaving mission to cyclist Chris Marshall

In May last year Chris was involved in a life-threatening collision with a car while he was out training for a 100-mile cycle challenge. East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) team worked for over an hour to deliver the enhanced pre-hospital care interventions required to give Chris a fighting chance. These included performing a thoracostomy, a procedure to release air to treat a collapsed lung, and anaesthetising Chris to take control of his breathing.

Without the enhanced interventions of the air ambulance team, he would not have made it to hospital.

Every Penny Matters

Every one of the around 500 lifesaving missions a week air ambulance charities collectively make to people with a life-threatening injury or medical emergency costs on average between about £2,500-£3,500, and each one is all almost entirely funded by donations.

That’s why every penny matters and why your vital support during Air Ambulance Week will help air ambulance charities to save many lives, and help to keep more families together, like that of Andy Bord and his beloved wife Emma and their three children.

If you’d still like to air ambulance charities save more lives here’s how:

  • Undertake a fundraising event or challenge and donate the funds you raise with your family, friends and colleagues on our Air Ambulance Week Justgiving page
  • Get in touch directly with our team to make a secure donation via a BACS payment
  • Send a cheque donation to Air Ambulance UK, PO Box 5054, Marlow SL7 9ER
  • Get directly in touch with your local air ambulance charity to take part in their Air Ambulance Week activities

There is enourmous support and affection for air ambulance charities right across the UK. It is one of the most recognised, vital and loved national causes that has or will touch the lives of most of our 68M population

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance: A lifesaving mission to Andy

Andrew was taking a shower when he blacked out and fell, and had a seizure. Nobody knows if the seizure was because he banged his head, or whether his seizure began as he lost consciousness.

“When the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance team arrived they quickly identified that they had to treat the large wound on Andy’s head and give him a pre-hospital anaesthetic in order to take over his breathing. This would start the process of reducing his brain injury and prevent, as best as possible, any further harm.

“Andy was airlifted to a specialist hospital which only took eight minutes in the helicopter which is absolutely amazing and definitely helped save him. Unbelievably he has made an amazing recovery.

“EHAAT is an utterly amazing service and I am so thankful to them for saving my husband’s life. I can’t thank them enough for everything. The doctors on the helicopter, the speed of their work and the decisions they made were simply amazing”

Andy’s wife Emma

Survival Stories

Every day across the UK air ambulance charities are saving the lives of people with a sudden life-threatening injury or medical emergency by rapidly delivering lifesaving pre-hospital care to the side of the patient when every second counts towards survival. Here, air ambulance charity patients from across the country share their stories of survival


“Jasmine was very unwell – she had stopped breathing and needed an emergency anaesthesia – an intervention that the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity specialist crew can deliver on scene. They put Jasmine into an induced coma, taking over her breathing and preventing any further complications, before airlifting her to Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital” Jasmine’s mum


Georgia had enjoyed a day out with her boyfriend and the pair were travelling home by motorbike when what was just another sunny August afternoon turned into a day that changed the young couple’s lives. The familiar journey to home would usually take five minutes, but they were involved in a horrific road traffic collision and Georgia’s survival would depend on Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.


Steve was competing in a motocross race, when he lost control in the unforgiving weather and flew over his handlebars and was critically injured. “When the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance  Critical Care Team arrived, they strapped me on to a spinal board and treated me while they airlifted me to the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. Without a doubt the crew on board the air ambulance that day kept me alive.” Steve

Get in touch with your local air ambulance charity

You can get in direct contact with your local air ambulance charity and find out about ways to get involved with and support their lifesaving work in your area by using the map opposite.

Air Ambulance Week Fact Finder

21 individual air ambulance charities in the UK providing pre-hospital care support to the NHS forming an important part of the UK’s frontline emergency services
Air ambulances operated by 21 air ambulance charities across the UK
An average of over 80 lifesaving missions every day, That’s over 30,000 a year
Average air ambulance mission cost and each one is funded almost entirely by donations
Are to people who are critically injured in incidents such as road traffic collisions, falls, workplace incidents and sporting or leisure accidents
About 32% of missions are to people with a sudden medical emergency
Most frequent type of lifesaving missions are to people seriously injured in road traffic collisions and those experiencing a sudden cardiac-related medical emergency
Funded almost entirely by donations

Thank you to our Member businesses and organisations from across the air ambulance sector for supporting Air Ambulance Week

Thank you to our fundraising partners, present and past, for the vital funds raised to help air ambulance charities save more lives