We’re pleased to announce that AAUK have entered into the Smiley Charity Film Awards. Every year over 400 charities of all shapes and sizes, representing all sorts of causes around the UK take part. Launched six years ago, the Charity Film Awards is the world’s biggest campaign to promote cause-based films. Since its creation, more than 2,500 causes have benefitted – gaining exposure, donations and volunteers.

The Awards campaign was set up to help charities drive more views of the videos, engage with their communities and generate positive media coverage. The Air Ambulances UK campaign was put together for Air Ambulance Week in September 2022. The campaign demonstrates that life-changing medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime! The powerful video illustrates that the AAUK crews make a lifesaving difference in life threatening critical moments. ‘Your Support is needed now, more than ever’!

Voting is free, and every vote – and share helps us gain awareness. If you would like to view the video or vote for AAUK then please click here or visit this link:

The final day to vote is on the 10th of January 2023.

To read more about the Smiley Charity Film Awards, please click here