Air Ambulances UK Hosts Successful Inaugural Meeting of All Party Parliamentary Group

Air Ambulances UK is pleased to announce the successful hosting of the Inaugural Meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group Air Ambulances (APPGAA). The gathering marked a significant step towards raising awareness and campaigning on policy issues within the air ambulance sector to enhance the delivery of lifesaving pre-hospital care.

Left to right (back): Heather Benjamin AAUK Chair, Stephen Metcalfe MP, Robert Courts MP and APPGAA Chair, Simmy Akhtar Air Ambulances UK CEO, Kelly Tolhurst MP. Left to right (front): Scott Mann MP, Wendy Morton MP, Henry Smith MP.

Chaired by Robert Courts MP, the APPGAA aims to engage political leaders and policy makers in discussions surrounding key issues that relate to the enhancement of air ambulance charities’ lifesaving services. This crucial engagement seeks to raise awareness of the quality of care and effectiveness of air ambulance charities for patients in need of urgent and emergence specialist critical care nationwide.

Simmy Akhtar, Air Ambulances UK CEO expressed her delight in having the support of Members of Parliament, stating, “I am delighted to have the support of Members of Parliament as we move forward on key policy issues affecting our air ambulance community. By working in collaboration, we can address national challenges and strive towards ensuring the best possible chance of survival and patient outcome for everyone in need of lifesaving pre-hospital care.”

With the backing of government officials and industry experts, the APPGAA is poised to have a positive impact on the air ambulance sector. By championing crucial improvements and addressing challenges faced by air ambulance charities, the APPGAA aims to elevate the delivery of lifesaving pre-hospital care to new heights.

Air Ambulances UK looks forward to collaborating with Robert Courts MP, to drive positive change in the sector. By leveraging his expertise and the support of Members of Parliament, the APPGAA is confident in its ability to facilitate lasting advancements in the field of air ambulance services.