Design and merchandise agency – and air ambulance merchandise specialist – Bluestep is AAUK’s newest partner. Alongside becoming an affiliated member of AAUK as a whole, Bluestep are offering to support individual air ambulance charities by making high-quality merchandise available to them at bulk-buy prices.

We have already worked with air ambulance charities for over ten years,” comments Nikki Nicholls, Charity Account Manager at Bluestep. “By partnering with AAUK, we will be able to offer our experience and expertise to even more air ambulance charities, with the added advantage of bulk buying leading to lower unit prices without compromising on quality.”

A key element of Bluestep’s partnership with AAUK is to encourage different air ambulance charities to order centrally through AAUK in order to tap into the value that bulk ordering brings. This doesn’t mean that individual charities have to compromise on their identities, though – each can continue to brand all products exactly as they wish. Indeed, Bluestep’s ten years working with air ambulance charities has given the agency a deep understanding of the importance of these unique brand identities for their ongoing fundraising work.

When Bluestep started out working with air ambulance charities, it was the die-cast replicas of their helicopters that formed the bulk of the work. Overseeing this precision process, Bluestep quickly became known for its meticulous work on the identical replicas and became the leading supplier in the sector. The agency has now supplied hundreds of thousands of these ever-popular pieces of merchandise.

Their product range has extended since then to other branded merchandise items, buttons, badges, balloons, t-shirts, running apparel and technical clothing – in fact, you name it and they supply it. Their design, merchandise, storage and fulfilment offer has proved invaluable and enables a charity to take a project through right from initial idea to final delivered product. Bluestep also has a range of eco- friendly merchandise that air ambulance charities can source – and they’ll even offer free warehouse storage.

Air ambulance charities are now able to not only order Bluestep’s merchandise with confidence but also call upon the agency’s ten years’ experience supplying fundraising merchandise, which means they have plenty of invaluable knowledge that they are always happy to share. They understand that each air ambulance has its own unique history, identity and demographics and will help charity teams to develop individual strategies to reflect that.

Karl Simons, Senior Growth Manager, adds: “We’re looking forward to really getting this partnership off the ground. For AAUK members, it’s a win-win: they keep their individual identities, get a skilled and experienced team to work with, and by buying together with fellow air ambulance charities, they get a great deal.”

You can find out more about Bluestep and AAUK’s partnership and how you can get involved by calling:
01604 879 608, or visiting: