British Women Pilots’ Association flying scholarships are open for applications

British Women Pilots’ Association

The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) today opens its coveted aviation scholarships for applications.

The BWPA offers scholarships every year to support women in the UK of all ages and backgrounds in achieving their flying dreams, underlying one of its key aims, of promoting women’s training and employment within the sector.

This year, at least 15 scholarships are available for all levels of experience and all types of flying. The awards will help scholarship winners in various ways, including gaining their first qualifications, building upon existing qualifications, or working towards a first paid flying job.

The BWPA actively works with partner organisations to extend what they are able to offer, and to help to raise awareness and increase opportunities available.

Light Aircraft Association CEO Simon Tilling says, “Those of us who are pilots know what a fantastic thing it is to be able to fly. With this scholarship we help one more pilot experience the joy of flying. There are far too few women in aviation and this will be a small way to help change that. The LAA is delighted and proud to be partnering with the BWPA by sponsoring the BWPA Light Aircraft Association Flying Start Scholarship.”

Organisations or individuals interested in sponsoring a scholarship for 2023 should contact for details of funding options available.

Learn more about the BWPA scholarships and awards on the BWPA website.