DAA introduces two new Critical Care Cars thanks to the HELP Appeal

Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) is excited to unveil two new Critical Care Cars which will strengthen its service and help more people needing urgent pre-hospital care.


The two new Volvo XC90’s are high performance 4-wheel drive cars which have been specially converted for their emergency role and include a blue light response kit which combine to give critical care teams the best chance of reaching a patient’s side as quickly as possible.


DAA introduces two new Critical Care Cars


Each Critical Care Car is equipped with the same specialist medical equipment and medicines as the Charity’s helicopters, so their highly skilled teams can deliver a range of advanced clinical interventions and procedures at the scene of the incident, helping to enhance patient outcomes and save lives.


Last year, Devon Air Ambulance was tasked to a record-breaking 2226 incidents (an increase of 18% on 2022 figures), of which 814 incidents were responded to by Critical Care Car which underlines how important these assets are to people facing life-changing or life-threatening injuries and illnesses.


Darren Goodwin, Head of Operations at Devon Air Ambulance said:  

‘The two new response cars will be joining the two Critical Care Cars already in operation, increasing our capacity to reach and treat more people and building greater resilience into our operations. 

Given the important role these response cars play in helping us deliver time-critical care, one of our strategic aims has been to develop this part of our service. We are, therefore, really grateful to the HELP Appeal for supporting this ambition by funding the purchase and fit out of these two new Volvo XC90s, which will make a real difference to people in Devon and beyond.’


Robert Bertram, CEO of HELP Appeal added:

‘We are delighted to support Devon Air Ambulance as both our charities are dedicated to saving lives. The HELP Appeal funds NHS hospital helipads and also Critical Care Cars around the country and this new vitally-important service will save many lives across Devon each year, which is why we had no hesitation in donating £95,659 to help make it happen.’


The addition of the two new Critical Care Cars into service will not only bolster the Charity’s day-to-day operations but will also give medical teams more flexibility when planning and delivering their emergency response in Devon. For example, through the targeting of a single advanced paramedic operating an additional response car in built-up urban areas of Torbay and Plymouth last year, Devon Air Ambulance was able to respond to 312 incidents.


Darren Goodwin went on to add:  

‘Whilst we are helicopter-led pre-hospital emergency service, these additional Critical Care Cars will give us the ability to modify our operational approach and target, for example, more populated areas of high demand, like our city centres. 

As we meet a growing need for the service more generally, having the scope and flexibility to tailor our emergency response will ultimately mean we can meet local needs and provide the best possible service for the people of Devon.’


DAA introduces two new Critical Care Cars

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