Devon Air Ambulance’s first Mishap Fashion charity shop

Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) launched the Mishap Fashion range in the summer of 2022, taking on a pioneering approach to garments that charity shops would not typically resell. The charity has simply decided to ‘rebrand’ items that have a minor ‘mishap,’ such as a missing button, a broken zipper, or a dropped hem, which might otherwise be in particularly good condition.

DAA now offers these items in certain locations on a special rail with the ‘mishap’ identified so that shoppers still have the chance to purchase the item and give it a new lease of life rather than it having to be recycled.

Cowick Street charity shop in Exeter has undergone some changes recently to make the Mishap Fashion range the shops’ main feature. The charity aims to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by promoting the flourishing culture of ‘fixing’ that has sprung up in recent years, encouraging supporters looking for a new-to-them garment not to dismiss items that might need only a small repair to be perfectly wearable.

Pete Vallance, Head of Business Development at Devon Air Ambulance said:

‘Being rooted in Devon and supporting the county’s circular economy by selling more of the clothing donated to us just makes sense. We are expanding the range of items our supporters can buy through sales of items that have a slight blemish, be that a stain, missing button or even a cut out care label. At DAA we know there is a market for products where our customers will take them on and make good and mend as their personal contribution to slowing down fast fashion.’

In the first few months of the Mishap Fashion label’s launch, DAA had remarkable success with over 3,000 items being sold, bringing in over £10k in sales from garments that may have otherwise gone to waste. This additional contribution makes a real difference to the lifesaving charity and the service they provide to the people of Devon & beyond.

The Devon Air Ambulance ‘Mishap Fashion’ Charity Shop is open from 9am-5pm daily and closed on Sunday – be sure to visit soon.