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Help fund around 30,000 life-saving air ambulance charity missions a year and support the continuous innovation in the treatment of trauma patients in the UK, helping to reduce loss of life for people with life-threatening injuries or a medical emergency

A partnership with Air Ambulances UK places your organisation, brand, CSR goals, employees and customers or philanthropic or personal aims at the forefront of one of the nation’s most iconic, loved and heroic life-saving services.

Did you know?

The heroic lifesaving work of the UK’s air ambulance charities has in some way touched the lives of most of the UK’s 66 million population

Ways to get involved

Charity of the Year

Sponsorship opportunities

Cause-related/ affinity campaigns

Philanthropic major giving

Trusts and Foundations

Corporate donations

Payroll giving

Retail and licensing

Our top five reasons to become a partner

  • Have a direct impact on saving lives by helping to fund the life-saving missions of the UK’s air ambulance charities now and in the future
  • Build your brand by alignment with one the most iconic, respected, trusted and life-saving services in the UK
  • Engage, motivate, retain, develop and excite your staff and encourage team building through a highly compelling and emotive cause
  • Share in our beneficial values of above all else; life, collaboration, innovation, integrity and excellence
  • Secure positive PR from helping air ambulance charities save lives nationally across the UK, regionally around office locations and locally in the community

Our impact

Our partnerships have the ultimate impact – helping to fund the lifesaving missions of the UK’s air ambulance charities

Missions just like the one to Sacha who was on a school trip to Richmond Park when a falling tree branch, weighing over 300kg, fell from a tree crushing him. Sacha suffered severe head injuries and broke his leg, arms, pelvis, back and five of his ribs

With thanks to London’s Air Ambulance, Sacha and his parents for sharing their story.

Some of the life-saving mission equipment you can help fund


Defibrillator or chest compression device


Medical ventilator


 Blood transfusion equipment


Flight helmet


Open heart surgery pack


Medical kit bag


 Flying or medical suit


Paediatric defibrillator pads

* All values are approximate and will differ between individual charities

Become an Air Ambulances UK partner today

Every life-saving air ambulance mission costs each air ambulance charity an average of £2,500-£3,500. This collectively equates to over £60m a year. We are committed to growing the number of national fundraising partnerships we have with large organisations, major donors, philanthropists and Trust and Foundations to support this vital work.

Get involved, help air ambulance charities save lives

Air Ambulances UK partnerships help fund the daily lifesaving work of air ambulance charities across the nation