International Women’s Day – Eimhear, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Eimhear Quinn – EHAAT Prehospital Care Doctor

Being part of the EHAAT helicopter medicine service is an honour. In addition to the wide variety of medical and trauma emergencies that I see on a daily basis, I am involved in an organisation that is innovative and progressive. I am part of a team that provides critical care for those who need it most before going to their place of definitive care. We retrieve patients who have had seizures, septic children, trauma casualties and cardiac arrest and provide care on the scene before transporting to the most suitable hospital. Traditionally trauma and pre-hospital medicine were male dominant professions, but EHAAT encourages women in leadership positions, educating and promoting gender equality. Helicopter emergency response is amazing. Whilst wearing a flight suit isn’t the most stylist of outfits, it is an identification of being part of a team that is inclusive, progressive and compassionate. Today, on International Women’s Day, I am proud to put on my flight suit as part of the team looking after our most vulnerable patients.