International Women’s Day – Julia, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

Julia Barnes – SCAA Hems Paramedic 

At school I had no idea what I wanted to do as I grew up.  I just knew I didn’t want a “normal” job or a job that was traditionally gender appropriate.  I worked in Outdoor Pursuits but then decided to join the ambulance service, and when I first became a paramedic I was the only female “green suit” at my station.  I felt proud to be as good as the guys.  Now I realize that I’m not just as good as the guys, I’m a paramedic in my own right.  I make difficult decisions in stressful situations and work hard to ensure all my patients get the best care possible.  Coming onto the Airwing was an aspiration from early days.  I saw it as a very male dominated environment again so felt proud to be the first charity HEMS paramedic for SCAA at Helimed 76.  I now work regularly with my colleague Wendy and other female Airwing Paramedics completing missions in the best job in the world.  All girls should be encouraged to dream big and make those dreams happen.”