Air Ambulances UK

Payroll Giving

Did you know that Payroll Giving is one of the simplest and most efficient ways for you to support Air Ambulances UK?

Payroll Giving, also known as Give As You Earn (GAYE) is one of the simplest and most efficient ways for you to support Air Ambulances UK from your gross salary.

It allows you to automatically give a gift to us each payday before tax is taken out of your pay cheque, so it is also tax efficient for you!

Each pound you donate will cost you less–at least 20% less. You will be helping to save lives every time you are paid!

How Payroll Giving works

A £10 donation to Air Ambulances UK only costs you

£8 if you pay basic rate tax (20 per cent)

£6 if you pay higher rate tax (40 per cent)

£5.50 if you pay additional rate tax (45 per cent)

How do I sign up?

It’s easy, quick, and tax free, ask your employer for details on how to sign up.

Once you have signed up you will firstly be given the opportunity to opt in or opt out from AAUK updates. If you choose to hear from us you’ll receive regular updates about our work and how you are making a difference. If you don’t want to hear from us you can simply opt out.

What are the benefits?

Employer Benefits

Supporting charities in the workforce has been proven to improve staff morale and motivation which aids retention and recruitment

Low cost to set up and easy to manage, with one simple payment every pay run

It is easy to set up and manage, and allows you to track your company giving

A payroll giving scheme allows your staff to support the causes they are passionate about

Access to Quality Marks and Excellence Awards

Employee Benefits

Knowledge that your donation is making a difference to our critical life saving work.

Low cost to set up and maintain, it’s the only way to give that allows full tax relief on donations.

It’s easy to set up and the donation is automatically taken from your gross income every month.

Your donation comes straight from your salary which allows privacy. 

Full control by stopping your donation at any time by contacting your payroll team.