Allianz beats £1million charity target for Air Ambulances UK

Allianz UK is delighted to announce it has reached the fundraising target of £1million for the company’s charity partner, Air Ambulances UK.

To help raise the money, Allianz’s employees across the UK have abseiled down buildings, taken part in Monster Triathlons, took the  Jurassic Coast challenge over the hottest weekend of the year and held on tight during a 100mph zip-wire ride – all to raise money and support the vital work of Air Ambulances UK.

Jon Dye, CEO, Allianz UK commented:

“Thanks to all the fundraising efforts and generosity of our employees,  we have raised £1million for Air Ambulances UK. This fantastic achievement has made a real impact on local communities.

“Over the last three years it’s been great to see so many Allianz employees getting involved in various fundraising activities, I even had the ‘pleasure‘ of abseiling down our office in Guildford!

“Air Ambulances UK provides a critical role in helping air ambulance charities to save the lives of people suffering from traumatic injuries or a medical emergency and it was an honour to present them with a cheque for over a million pounds to help them in their work.”

Allianz Insurance started its partnership with Air Ambulances UK in February 2016. Air Ambulances UK is a national charity that provides the unique opportunity for nationwide organisations to centrally donate to the 21 individual air ambulance charities that are saving lives across the UK every day.

Liz Campbell, Chair of Air Ambulances UK, said:

“Reaching the £1,000,000 milestone is great testament to the extraordinary commitment, passion and enthusiasm of Allianz employees across the organisation who have dedicated their time and raised funds to make this partnership so successful. On behalf Air Ambulances UK and all of our 21 beneficiary air ambulance charities, thank you for your outstanding achievement.

“It’s been an incredibly exciting, innovative and impactful partnership which has been enjoyed nationwide, seeing Allianz offices working closely together with the 21 air ambulance charities across the UK. The funds raised have the lasting legacy of helping to fund the nation’s air ambulance charities to collectively make around 25,000 life-saving missions a year to people with life-threatening injuries or a medical emergency.”