The Fizcopter – Marathon Fancy Dress World Record Attempt

Helicopter fancy dress costume

Fiona Betts is attempting a marathon fancy dress world record to fundraise for Air Ambulances UK. You can read Fiona’s story below.

Air Ambulances UK is the national charity supporting the vital work of the nation’s 21 air ambulance charities, helping to fund the delivery of this life-saving service today, and every day.

For many years, I’ve talked about attempting a marathon fancy dress world record. Well, finally, it’s actually happening….a bit later than planned as I couldn’t get my costume approved in time for October, but this April IT’S ON!

After being inspired by watching the fundraisers of the London Marathon quite a while ago, I was struggling to think of an appropriate costume for my attempt. Then the air ambulance landed in the field behind my house, and an idea was born.

I’m lucky enough never to have needed the services of the Air Ambulance, but I’d also like to think that they would be there if I needed them, wherever I may be in the U.K.

So whilst attempting to set a fancy dress world record, I’m also out to raise as much as I can in support of this critical emergency service. Yes, I’ve run a marathon (or ten-ish), but never one in fancy dress. Like the Air Ambulance service, I’m going to need all the support I can get.

Whatever you can do to help would be very much appreciated. Whether it’s sharing my story, donating, or generally encouraging me, it all helps. Oh and keep an eye out for me at the London marathon on 23 April 2023!

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