Two days to go until Golden Hour Give an Hour, helping the UK’s 21 air ambulance charities make more lifesaving missions

With just two days to go, excitement is building around the countdown to Golden Hour Give an Hour 4pm-5pm on Friday 13th September. During these two days, the UK’s 21 air ambulance charities will make around 140 lifesaving missions to people with a life-threatening injury or medical emergency.

That’s why it’s so important for businesses and employees to take part in Golden Hour Give an Hour. By donating an hour’s profit or pay you will help air ambulance charities, including Great Western air Ambulance Charity, continue to make lifesaving missions every day across the UK to patients like Dylan.

A lifesaving mission to Dylan

Every parent’s worst nightmare became a reality for Tanya when her four-year-old son Dylan suffered a seizure at home, and found himself in need of urgent help from the Critical Care Team at the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity.

Tanya had concerns after her son Dylan had shown signs of feeling unwell. She had been taking care of him at home when his condition suddenly took a turn for the worst.

“Dylan went from fitting to limp and blue as well as foaming at the mouth, and I convinced myself that he was dead”, explained Tanya.

She immediately phoned 999 and was instructed to perform CPR until the first emergency vehicle arrived within a few minutes of her call.

As Dylan’s seizure had been abnormally prolonged, the Critical Care Team from Great Western Air Ambulance Charity were called to assist the ambulance crew. The Critical Care Team from the Charity are often dispatched to incidents via the helicopter or critical care car, in order to provide life-saving support.

The specialist doctors and paramedics are trained in providing pre-hospital care and medicine, which meant they were able to anaesthetise Dylan because of their advanced skills. This meant they were able to stabilise him enough to be taken to the Bristol Royal Hospital For Children.

Tanya expressed her thanks to all involved: “I have experienced the premature birth of my twin at 31weeks, but this experience with Dylan, the little boy who I know inside out, was scarier and more traumatic and the thought of him being gone will never leave me. I am so grateful for everything that the Critical Care Team did, from arriving so quickly, to giving him the care that only they could and for taking time to visit us afterwards and invite us to visit them. I will never be able to thank them enough.”

So why not get involved and donate an hour’s pay or profit to enable UK air ambulance charities to continue their amazing lifesaving missions?

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