London’s Air Ambulance Charity & Specialist Aviation Services Extend Maintenance Partnership

London’s Air Ambulance Charity & Specialist Aviation Services are pleased to announce they have signed a further 3-year maintenance contract, supporting London’s Air Ambulance in delivering an advanced trauma team to the Capital’s most critically injured patients in need of life-saving care.

London’s Air Ambulance delivers rapid response and cutting-edge care to save lives in the city of London via helicopter or rapid response car, the Charity is the only helicopter emergency service caring for the 10 million people that live, work & travel in London every day.
London’s Air Ambulance fly an advanced trauma team, made up of a Doctor & a Paramedic to bring the hospital to the scene, delivering cutting-edge medical care normally only found in a hospital Emergency Department, in time critical, life-threatening situations.

Specialist Aviation Services provide high quality maintenance support for private & commercial rotary operators, including support for AW169, AW139 & MD902 helicopters. London’s Air Ambulance operate two MD902 Explorer helicopters. These aircraft are small, suitable for an urban environment; with no tail rotor, allowing the team to operate safely in an area as complicated as London. Specialist Aviation Services are granted Excellent Service Centre status by Leonardo Helicopters for the AW169 & AW139.

Luke Farajallah, Chief Executive Officer of Specialist Aviation Services said: “We are delighted to have been awarded a 3-year contract extension to serve London’s Air Ambulance. Nothing fills us with more pride than seeing the stunning red helicopters flying high above the London skyline on their life-saving missions”.

Charles Newitt, Chief Operating Office of London’s Air Ambulance Charity said: “Specialist Aviation Services has continued to deliver an excellent service in maintaining our aircraft and their expertise and support has been vital in keeping our advanced trauma teams in the air and safe on their missions.

“We look forward to continuing our strong relationship and delivering our life-saving service for the people of London.”