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Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Amount £4,080
Area: Training to develop, support and enable new PHEM interventions for air ambulance crews
: Support towards the total cost of our clinicians attending a 2day Residential Prometheus PreHospital Emergency Ultrasound Course at Prometheus Medical Ltd

It is essential that all MAAC clinicians have an advanced level of expertise in the use of ultrasound machines to support them in the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill and injured patients. The Prometheus Pre- Hospital Emergency Ultrasound Course has been designed, and is taught, by medical professionals who have significant experience in emergency ultrasound use in pre-hospital environments. This two-day residential course is aimed specifically at pre-hospital emergency medical professionals and provides both theoretical and practical training. .Thanks to the Jude Morris Racing Foundation Midlands Air Ambulance clinicians will receive an advanced level of education with hands on practical experience throughout the course, enabling them to develop their skill set further which will assist in pre-hospital patient management and support interventions for potentially life-threatening conditions.

Outcomes and Impact
• To provide all our clinicians with advanced pre-hospital ultrasound knowledge and hands on practical experience through attending the course, which will immediately be utilised within their roles for the benefit of our patients.
• To provide direct patient benefit by enabling our clinicians to deliver an in-depth non-invasive internal analysis of a patient so they can tailor the treatment and manage the cause directly, increasing the patient’s survival rate.
• To provide all our clinicians with the expertise to fully utilise our new state-of-the-art ultrasound technology in an advanced capacity, maximising its capabilities.
• To provide an additional internal prospective to support the accuracy of surgical incisions and intervention procedures in a pre-hospital and sometimes hazardous environment.
• To deliver the highest quality of patient care through continuous training and development opportunities.
• To give our clinicians the tools and expertise to identify and manage more complex patient needs.
• To save more precious lives.