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Magpas Air Ambulance

Amount £10,000
Swift Blood Trial

Magpas Air Ambulance is taking part in a nationwide research trial to study the effect of the use of whole blood in trauma patients. Currently, when blood is donated it is separated into four separate components, which are stored and transfused separately. This means that delivering transfusions outside of the hospital to trauma patients can be a costly and complicated process. Transfusing all of the components together, called “whole blood” could simplify the process and help to save more lives. Whole blood has never before been used in any area of the UK health service and so this trial will produce pioneering learning that can be used across the NHS, and the ultimate aim is to improve outcomes for patients of serious traumatic injury.

Magpas Air Ambulance prides itself on using innovation and research to improve patient outcomes and ultimately achieve the service’s mission of saving lives.