Happy National Doctors Day! Today, we’re honoured to celebrate the incredible contributions of Air Ambulance Critical Care Doctors. In particular, we want to shine a spotlight on our very own Doctor of the Year from our Annual Awards: Dr. Jake Turner from The Air Ambulance Service!

We spoke with Dr Jake Turner from TAAS regarding his experiences as a Doctor in HEMS

Watch the full video here:

Read Jake’s written responses below:

How did your career journey bring you to this point?

“So I started my medical training back in 2004, trained at Nottingham Medical School. Been working towards becoming an anaesthetist for the last 10 years or so. Part of my anaesthetic training gave me the opportunity to step out of training and do pre-hospital emergency medicine training over in the West Midlands as a two year program and I was lucky enough to work with The Air Ambulance Service, and I’ve been working here ever since.”

What recommendations or advice would you offer to young people aspiring to work within HEMS?

“So, pre-hospital care, the last few years has become very competitive. I mean, it’s an amazing job, why wouldn’t you want to do it as a career? The advice I give to people who come and ask me about my job and how to get involved; yes, it’s important to get some experience and to determine whether or not this is actually what you want to do for a living. There are days that are very challenging and very difficult when you go home but the most important thing is to really focus on your base specialty be it emergency medicine, anaesthetics, intensive care, wherever you’re coming from into pre-hospital care, you’ve got to focus on your base specialty. Get good at that, master that before you start progressing into the pre-hospital field. “

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

“Working in pre-hospital is a fantastic job, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding. The medicine’s at time really difficult but the logistics of working in a pre-hospital environment just makes the whole role more interesting. By far the most rewarding part of my job though is working with the team so you get to work with here at TAS the paramedics, pilots, the other doctors, they’re just a wonderful group of people and coming to work and working with your friends and doing the job that we do is an honour really.”


Doctor Of The Year 2023 – Dr Jake Turner receiving his award at the AAUK Conference & Awards Evening

Unveiling the Reasons Behind Dr. Jake Turner’s Award

Dr Turner’s outstanding contributions over the past year have been pivotal in advancing maxillofacial injury and resuscitative thoracotomy treatments — specialised fields focusing on severe facial traumas and life-saving chest or heart injury interventions. Dr Turner’s proactive approach in acquiring cutting-edge surgical equipment, implementing specialised training, and updating policies based on the latest research has significantly raised the bar in medical care.

His dedication, innovative mindset, and efforts in building strong relationships between TAAS and the Major Trauma Centre highlight his unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare.