NFU Mutual Charitable Trust’s £10,000 grant accelerates life-saving missions


Air Ambulances UK (AAUK) has been granted a substantial boost with a generous contribution of £10,000 from the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust. The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust is an independent charity set up by rural insurer NFU Mutual in 1998 to support other charities and organisations working in the interests of agriculture, rural communities and the countryside, and it’s one of the main ways NFU Mutual support good causes which operate nationally.

AAUK is a national charity supporting the lifesaving work of the UK’s air ambulance charities, enabling them to save even more lives every day. Air ambulance crews bring the Emergency Department to patients who have suffered a life threatening or life changing trauma or medical emergency; providing advanced critical care to save lives.

It is estimated that the lives of each member of the UK’s population will, at some point, be touched by the air ambulances, either directly or through a loved one, particularly those in rural and farming communities who often have poor road access. With limited road access and often long distances to the nearest specialist hospital, air ambulances are essential to those living in rural communities and who experience a life threatening or lifechanging trauma or medical emergency.

Simmy Akhtar, Air Ambulances UK CEO, said “We are very thankful to the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust. This generous grant will enable air ambulance charities across the UK to save even more lives and improve patient outcomes. Every day across the UK air ambulances are dispatched to over 102 missions and each missions is funded almost entirely by the generosity of our local communities. Generous grants such at these keep specialist critical care teams flying across the UK.”

The collaborative efforts of the AAUK and the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust will support the best possible chance of survival and patient outcome for everyone in need to lifesaving pre-hospital care. Sian Johns, Secretary for the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust, added “The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust is proud to support Air Ambulances UK. Air ambulance charities provide the critical difference to people in need and offer a vital service for rural communities.”

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