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"Had it not been for the Air Ambulance, this conversation wouldn't be happening, I say this without any hesitation. I owe my life to them." - Paul Johnson Airbox Systems

Full Circle: A life-threatening accident to a life-saving commitment

On a beautiful spring day in 2019, Paul Johnson and his wife Becki set out for a motorbike ride in the picturesque Delamere Forest in Cheshire. It would be a day that would change their lives, but it was also the start of a journey of purpose. 

Fortunately, the North West Air Ambulance responded to the accident that seriously injured Becki and nearly cost Paul his life. Every bone in his body from his pelvis upwards was shattered, he had a punctured lung and a serious brain injury. In layman’s terms – he was dead. 

“One minute I was alive, and then I was dead,” explained Paul. “Had it not been for the Air Ambulance, this conversation wouldn’t be happening. I owe my life to them.” 

Unbelievably, within nine months of their horrific ordeal, Paul was back on a motorcycle. Now though, he was riding with renewed purpose, working with Manchester Blood Bikes; a volunteer organisation that provides a critical lifeline to the NHS by transporting blood, platelets, medical equipment, and essential documents between hospitals. 

But that journey back from the brink was far from a smooth ride. The road to recovery was fraught with physical challenges, while his wife Becki faced the psychological impact of such a traumatic event. 

For Paul though, the journey of recovery ignited his passion to give back to the community that had driven, ridden and flown to his rescue. 

As a Blood Biker, Paul became a critical part of the medical supply chain, contributing to life-saving efforts behind the scenes and demonstrating the value of giving back to a system that supports people when they are at their most vulnerable. 

Blood Bikes exemplify the profound impact of volunteerism in the healthcare system, embodying a spirit of selfless service and community solidarity. Paul’s role underscores his commitment to supporting the very network that played a crucial role in his survival and recovery. But his contribution now goes beyond his spare time. 

When fate presented Paul an opportunity to give back on a larger scale through his professional expertise, he jumped at the chance. 

As a Senior Software Developer with Airbox, Paul now helps to create the systems and technologies that support the emergency services that saved his life. His contribution to the Airbox technological ecosystem helps Air Ambulances stay safe in the air and coordinate with other first responders, optimising their operational capability and ensuring that they can deliver their life-saving skills to others in vital need. 

Paul’s work is a testament to the power of technology in supporting the critical infrastructure of the emergency services, but it also represents the passion and determination that come from personally experiencing its lifesaving effects. 

It’s a powerful reminder that while life can be turned upside down in a heartbeat, it can also be saved in moments. But behind those few moments are a lifetime of effort by those who step forward to respond, hours of selfless dedication from the those that support them; and the boundless generosity of the people who give their time and donations to make it all possible. 

At the convergence of all those contributions often hangs a human life, and all the potential that it represents. 


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