Stunning new animation set to light up Christmas

Cornwall Air Ambulance is excited to announce the release of its very own special animation to try and help save lives this Christmas.

‘Help Holly’ follows the story of a young girl who is injured in a road traffic collision over the festive period, she is treated and airlifted to hospital by the Critical Care Paramedics of Cornwall Air Ambulance. Holly is able to spend Christmas at home with her family, thanks to the quick response of the crew. The beautiful and moving story is based on real events.

Alongside the video is a soundtrack, written and recorded especially for Cornwall Air Ambulance. ‘Blades in the Sky’ has been created by BAFTA award winning TV and film composer Ben Bartlett, whose works include the music for ITV’s Vera and the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs. Ben visited the airbase and was inspired by the helicopter, the people and the life-saving work of the charity, and decided to compose a spectacular and heart-warming piece of music. Local singers from across Cornwall were brought on board to sing in the track, and recordings took place in Falmouth and London. The track was originally meant for the arrival of Cornwall Air Ambulance’s AW169 helicopter in 2020, but it was never finished as the pandemic struck just before it was recorded – until now, and just in time for Christmas!

One of the singers on the track is 23-year-old Harriet Eastwood who has a very personal connection with Cornwall Air Ambulance having been airlifted as a child in 2008. At the age of nine she had been playing in the sea with her sister, when she was caught in a rip current and swept out to sea. Harriet inhaled a large amount of water and became unconscious, passers-by managed to drag her back to the beach. Cornwall Air Ambulance was called and Harriet was airlifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital where she made a full recovery. She has supported the charity ever since and says she wouldn’t be here without the crew.

Harriet said: “I am overwhelmed to be part of this soundtrack – and couldn’t believe how good it was when I heard it. To be part of their Christmas campaign is such an honour for me.

Speaking about her rescue, Harriet added: “If the helicopter and paramedics hadn’t arrived when they did, I wouldn’t be alive today. So many people know someone who has been helped by Cornwall Air Ambulance. It’s amazing that we have such a wonderful charity who day after day continue to save lives.”

Last December, Cornwall Air Ambulance was tasked to 75 incidents, 23 of those occurred between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day alone. Across the month the crew were called out to 12 road traffic collisions. The charity needs your help to keep saving lives across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly this festive period. We are aiming to raise £200,000 to make this possible and fund these missions.

Any donation that you can make will help to raise the vital funds needed in our work of saving lives this Christmas time. Every donation you make towards the first £75,000* of the Christmas campaign will be doubled, thanks to the amazing financial support of a few generous donors. *This figure may increase during the campaign, which ends on 31st December 2022.

Tim Bunting, Chief Executive at Cornwall Air Ambulance, said: “Christmas is a particularly busy time for us all, but while you’re opening presents, visiting family, and tucking into roast dinners and mince pies, the Cornwall Air Ambulance crew are on call, ready to respond to lifesaving missions. We wouldn’t be able to do that that without your support. Thank you to you, the people of Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, and beyond, who help us deliver critical care to patients at times when they need it the most. We hope you enjoy the story of Holly and how your donations help keep families like hers together.”

You can watch our brand-new Christmas animation, Help Holly, and donate here. Help Holly