Launch of ‘Lift Off’ coffee announced as part of Air Ambulance Week!

Air Ambulances UK and Frontline Coffee have announced the launch of a special new blend of coffee called ‘Lift Off’ during Air Ambulance Week.

The new blend is a medium roast with a classic Italian espresso taste and chocolate after taste that will give the nation’s coffee-lovers an extra special lift knowing that with each sip they will be raising funds to help air ambulance charities save more lives across the UK.

A minimum of £1.50 from every purchase of a 250g bag of the new Frontline Coffee ‘Lift Off’ blend will be  donated to Air Ambulances UK, the national charity that champions, support and represents air ambulance charities across the UK.

The UK’s 21 air ambulance charities collectively make over 80 lifesaving missions every day across the UK. Although air ambulance charities form part of the UK’s frontline emergency services, and work closely with NHS hospitals, their lifesaving missions are almost entirely funded by donations.

Emma Carter, Head of Fundraising and Sustainability for Air Ambulances UK, said”

“We are very excited to be launching this special new blend of ‘Lift Off’ coffee during Air Ambulance Week. It’s a great way for coffee-lovers all over the UK to support the lifesaving work of air ambulance charities with every cup!”

Frontline Coffee is a charity founded by firefighters for frontline workers and was set up by firefighters Matt Broxton and Tom Taylor in 2018. Its range of special coffee blends, supporting the frontline charities, really took-off during last years’ national lockdowns. 

Their mission is to raise as much as possible for frontline charities, so far raising over £20,000 for charities that support the people serving in our emergency and health services.

Matt Broxton, Founder of Frontline Coffee, said:

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Air Ambulances UK by adding ‘Lift Off’ to our charity coffee range. Supporting air ambulance charities across the UK is so important as they rely almost entirely on donations. Money raised from the sale of this coffee is going to really help with the lifesaving work carried out by these amazing teams every day.”

To purchase a bag of the brand new ‘Lift Off’ special blend coffee in support of air ambulance charities please go to: https://frontlinecoffee.co.uk/collections/charity-coffee-1/products/air-ambulance-lift-off