Something Old, Something New to You…? Devon Air Ambulance launches beautiful wedding range in Bideford

When most people think of second-hand bridal clothing, they may think that choice and range will be lacking. This is definitely not the case with the new to you range of pre-loved wedding dresses at Devon Air Ambulance’s Bideford shop. 

Many brides choose to resell their wedding dresses or donate them to a good cause as it’s simply not practical to store them long term. As a society, we don’t tend to keep things for very long and though historically a wedding dress was something treasured for a lifetime, wedding dresses that are being stored on top of wardrobes or in the loft deserve another chance to shine.  

Thanks to many kind donors across Devon, there are lots of beautiful pre-loved wedding gowns to select from at Devon Air Ambulance’s Bideford store. Whether it is a 1950s tea-dress, a modern fishtail gown, or something full and flowing from a fairy-tale, brides-to-be will find gowns across a range of sizes from which to choose. 

For many brides, a designer wedding dress would be out of the question. The prices of these elaborate, bespoke dresses can be astronomical and completely out of reach of the average couple’s budget. Buying second hand can mean fantastic savings of as much as 60% off the original price, meaning that dream dress that was previously unaffordable could well be within reach.  

A dress that is pre-loved or even vintage is a great option for brides on a budget, and if the bride is passionate about lowering their carbon footprint, then electing a pre-loved wedding dress means it is no longer a single-use garment. 

Devon Air Ambulance will be showcasing a sample range of their beautiful wedding dresses at two local wedding fairs on 26th February at the The Pannier Market, Bideford and Sunday 26th March at Great Torrington Town Hall. Visit the Bideford Devon Air Ambulance shop to see the full range of gorgeous gowns soon. 

If you have wedding accessories or a wedding dress to donate to Devon Air Ambulance, please contact your local shop. Your donation will be helping to keep their emergency medical team responding to the most critically ill and injured people in Devon and beyond in their time of need. 

Find your local shop here:  

It’s thanks to kind and generous supporters across Devon and beyond that this life-saving charity continues to deliver expert time-critical care every day of the year. If you feel you can lend your support, please donate at